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A Well In Memory of Josh

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He was born with only a brain stem and the doctors said he would live only a few months. Joshua David Allen not only lived for months, he lived for years, almost seventeen of them. The Doctors said he couldn’t hear, but he could. They said he was blind, but he responded to movement.

Walter and Linda Allen with Josh Christmas 2000

Walter and Linda Allen brought Josh home as a baby and adopted him as one of their own. They, their family and nursing staff loved and cared for Josh until he graduated to glory on February 18, 2010.

 Memorial gifts given in Josh’s memory will now be used to give life in his death through a well to be drilled in Dono-Manga, Chad, in April. A plaque will be placed on this well so all who come to drink will be reminded of Josh and the importance of his life here on earth.

 What a fitting way to honor those in death who have meant so much to us through their life.

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