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Standing on the bank of a river…

Standing on the bank of a river, a pebble is casually tossed into the water. Ripples are cast in all directions and the surface of the water is changed. In God’s service we have the power to cause ripples that will forever change the lives of those we contact.

Very much like that pebble, we are receiving news of glorious ripples in Dono-Manga, Chad due to our efforts to treat various illnesses at the Jordan Health Center. Each person that seeks treatment at the Health Center is also hearing the message of Christ. They hear not only the Word but witness God’s love through the Health Ministries work.

In a report just received from Lazarus, who primarily ministers to those coming into the center, seventeen people have professed their faith in Christ and were immersed. In addition to these seventeen lives, there is the potential to reach many more as a new church has begun to meet in the city of Mailao. Mailao is located more than a hundred miles from Dono-Manga. Proof that ripples are far reaching!

It is so exciting to see this spread of growth outside the district of Dono-Manga through our efforts at the Health Center. We have complete faith and trust, that with the support given by people just like you, we will eventually touch all of those within Southern Chad.

Sadly though, not all reports are wonderful. Each communication though gives us a chance to know what to do next within our ministry. In a separate report from our Health Center nurse, Eloi, it has been verified that the number of cases of Malaria among children and expectant mothers has been steadily increasing. Contaminated water and Malaria are the top two reasons that only half of the children born in Chad will ever reach the age of 5.

The reason for the increase of Malaria is for lack of treated mosquito nets. These nets are essential because their living conditions of mud huts, thatch roofs and beds made of grass on dirt floors do not provide the protection needed.Our supply was exhausted months ago and we pray with faith that we will be able to replenish the supply to help continue our efforts to change lives and hearts.

These life saving nets are a very effective preventative and can be purchased for only $10 each. We are seeking to provide a minimum of 100 nets at a total cost of $1000 as soon as possible.

Would you be willing to start a ripple and change a life forever?

Challenge yourself, your church, your community, your school, your business or your civic organizations to work with us to meet this very obtainable goal of just 100 nets. Every single life that has been healed physically and spiritually has been through the efforts and choice of regular people looking to make an extraordinary difference. Lives are being changed and saved. Your help in times of crisis like this are a reflection of a Jesus that some have never heard of.

We ask you to join us in the praise of the people of Dono-Manga who have been a part of a spiritual ripple and to help continue this ripple spread through answering their prayers for these lifesaving nets.

Alycia Adams Neighbors

Hope Springs International is excited to welcome Alycia Adams Neighbors to our volunteer staff. Alycia is a prolific writer and Christian mother. Alycia and her husband Brian have seven children and live in Hendersonville, Tennessee.