Hope Springs International

Lasting Change One Village at a Time

7 thoughts on “About Hope Spring

  1. You are doing a wonderful job. I pray that Hope Spring can come to the aid of Kibaku people of Askira Emirate of Borno State. These people have been denied all opportunities in the Emirate as a people, include the right to self expression and existence, despite the fact that, they are the original founder of the area. which was then known as Yimirpuba but later changed to Askira in 1960s by Mai maina N Jega. Thanks and God bless

  2. Hello. I receive your information through the mail. I have moved and would like you to stop sending the paper mail information. I will be glad to receive information through email. I am would rather use on-line sources than having excess paper – plus I think it might be cheaper for you as well.

    You are doing great things.
    May God continue to bless you.

    We are no longer at this old mailing address:
    754 Lyndsey Drive
    Brighton, TN 38011

    Please purge this address from your files.

    • Thanks Cindy for contacting us. We will add you to our E-mail list and you have been deleted from the snail mail list. This is a big help!

      God Bless and thanks for your prayers!

      Lee Hodges

  3. please add me to email list

  4. Lee,
    Do you have a personal email I could email you and ask questions about Hope Springs. This is Francie Holder (Martinez), I am Aaron Martinez’s daughter and I remember you, not sure if you remember me. I want to get involved in missions and my heart is in Africa, I have wanted to go back since we lived in Ghana many years ago. I don’t know God’s timing in things, but even if I could go one or two months in the year that would be great, just want to help where I can. Contact me!!

  5. May God bless your generation. Africa will really be your gateway to so many crowns in heaven. God be with you.

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