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“More grease to your elbow.”

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Treating a long line of patients happens daily at the Jordan Health Center

Treating a long line of patients happens daily at the Jordan Health Center

“More grease to your elbow”, is a Nigerian expression of encouragement for someone to continue the good work that they are doing. They tell me that if you are British you will better understand this expression. Well we want to wish Eloi Madjiadouim, more grease to your elbow.

Eloi is the Director of the Jordan Health Center in Dono-Manga,

Eloi Madjiadoum, JHC Director

Eloi Madjiadoum, JHC Director

Chad. His medical training would make him a close equivalent to a Nurse Practitioner here in the US. Since he joined our work over two years ago he has treated thousands of patients of all ages, the vast majority have been children. Only God knows how many lives have been saved because they received care from Eloi.

Eloi lives a number of miles from the Health Center and makes this journey back and forth by bicycle every day. On occasions he will make an emergency visit to someone in distress in a village some distance from the Center. There are no paved roads, just paths through the marsh grass. Eloi is not as young as he used to be and working very long days, sometimes seeing hundreds of patients in a day’s time is very exhausting in and of itself.

This is a used bike. $650.00

This is a used bike. $650.00

A couple months ago Eloi made a request for a motor bike. We would like to honor his request. There are a couple ways we can do that.

First, maybe someone has a small bike similar to the ones pictured in this article that is in good shape and running well they would like to donate. If we receive the bike before November 15th we will be able to include it in the crate containing our well drilling machine scheduled to leave for Chad shortly after the 15th.

Or you may donate funds to purchase a new or used bike. The pictures in this article are

This a new bike. $900.00

This a new bike. $900.00

typical of new and used bikes that can be purchased in Chad.

This will be such a special gift for a very special servant who shows the love of Christ to hurting people almost every day of his life.

Thanks in advance for considering this need! If you have a bike to donate contact me by email: leehodges45 @ gmail.com (no spaces), or you may donate funds to purchase a bike online at www.hopespringsint.com or by mail: Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

Let’s “give more grease” to Eloi’s elbow!

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