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Jordan Health Center Provides Treatment For 1013 In The Last 7 Weeks

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I continue to be amazed by the number of men, women and children that are being treated at our Jordan Health Center in Dono-Manga, Chad. I just received word from our Director of Operations, Rambi Ayala that in the last 7 weeks 1013 people have been treated. This number included 345 children between new born and age 12; 227 children 13 and older; 255 women and; 186 men.

What is equally exciting is that during this same period 6 of those coming to the Health Center became Christ followers and were baptized into Christ.

Our nurse, Eloi Madjiadoum reported the people coming for treatment are eager to pay whatever they can afford to enable the Center to restock the medication supply and insure that the Center is able to become self-sustaining.

The poor of Dono-Manga now have health care available for the first time in their lives. Their children are no longer dying from treatable childhood diseases and malaria. Pregnant women are now receiving pre-and post-natal care. Minor surgical needs are being treated before they cause major health issues that can result in death.

Plans are now underway to add additional personnel to work with Eloi and the increasing volume of people coming for treatment. Also an expansion of the Health Center is planned in the near future that will provide a ward with 6 beds for maternity and longer term treatment needs. More about this exciting expansion coming soon.

Those of you who support this work make all of this possible. Thank you for being Jesus to the people of Dono-Manga! A compassionate touch continues to open hearts to hear the message of a God that loves them more than they could ever know.

One thought on “Jordan Health Center Provides Treatment For 1013 In The Last 7 Weeks

  1. God is moving in big ways in Dono-Manga. Lives are being saved so that souls can be saved. Thanks for your leadership Lee.

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