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What did you want for your 13th Birthday?

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For some of us, my self-included, that might be a stretch to remember just because of the number of years that have passed. But I can assure you that my wants and desires at 13 were all about me.

We were greatly encouraged recently to receive a donation for $500.00 from a beautiful young lady who recently turned 13. She had requested that those coming to her party make donations to Hope Springs International instead of buying her gifts. Her decision to think of others instead of herself came as the result of an opportunity she had recently to see firsthand the plight that affects so many in our world today. She saw people who live in deep poverty without the opportunity to change their circumstances.

We are never more like Jesus than when we think of others above ourselves. This special young lady requested that we not mention her name. This decision and gift was not to draw attention to her, but out of concern for the needs of others.

We appreciate her parents and those who have played a part in her spiritual upbringing.  May God bless you also.

One thought on “What did you want for your 13th Birthday?

  1. Such an amazing story!! Love this little girl’s heart!!!

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