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Orphanage Proposed for Dono-Manga, Chad

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41 Orphans and Village Children

When we arrived they starting gathering in the compound outside the home of Pierre Rimorbe the lead evangelist in Dono-Manga. I recognized many of them. My computer’s screen saver for months had been a group picture of 41 orphans taken on one of the many visits made by Ebenezer to this area. But seeing them in the flesh was much more emotional than the picture. Pictures have a way of making things look better than they actually are. A lump came to my throat as big as an orange as I thought how little these children have, and how great the need is to do something that will give them a home and hope.

I looked in the van and found one of the soccer balls we had purchased and the young people of the Madison and NorthField Campuses had written greetings on. We brought them to pass out during our journey. I pitched that soccer ball into the middle of the group and all at once it was game on. It is amazing how resilient children can be. They can deal with hardship and poverty, and still manage a smile.

Each of these children has a story. Some lost their fathers during the years of war with Sudan; some of their mothers died giving birth to them. Others are from families where Aids has been devastating. Each one of these children is a survivor. The statistics say that half of the children born in Chad will die before the age of 5. Most of these children have beaten those odds, only to face the challenge of losing their parents.

We now have an opportunity to do something special. We have the opportunity to give these children the security of a home and hope for the future.

Hope Springs International plans to build an orphanage for these 41 orphans from this one section of Dono-Manga. We will also establish a farm on the same land where the orphanage will be located. The children will learn the skills of dry season farming as they work on the farm to help provide for their own needs.  This training will also enable them to learn a skill that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.  But most important of all as they grow up they will be taught the saving message of the Gospel of Christ.

The construction cost for the orphanage and furnishings is estimated to be $7500. The cost for a wall to encompass the orphanage and the farm land is yet to be determined, but will be necessary to keep animals from getting to the crops.

There are two ways to help with this specific program. We need one time gifts for the construction of the orphanage and the development of the farm. We also need sponsors for each of these children until the farm is up and running to the point of being self sustaining. Half sponsorship of a child is $35 and full sponsorship is $70 per month. A brochure with each child’s picture is available upon request.

Will you partner with us? We may not be able to change the world, but we can change the world for 41 kids.

 Donations may be made through Pay Pal at Hope Springs International or by mail to: Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075. Questions? Email is at: hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com

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