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Ibrahim Rambi Ayala New Director of Operation—Africa

Hope Springs International is excited to announce the appointment of Ibrahim Rambi Ayala as our new Director of Operations – Africa. Rambi has a diploma in theology from the Jos School of Biblical Studies, a B.S. degree in sociology, and a postgraduate diploma in journalism and has completed the course work for his M.S. degree in criminology.

Rambi is the last of 23 children. His father, a Muslim, had four wives and his mother was the last of the four. He was raised according Islamic tradition. While in high school a friend introduced him to the World Bible School study course and during a follow-up visit by a representative from World Bible School, Rambi surrendered his life to Christ and was baptized in October of 1991. Soon after his conversion to Christ he completed a three year study program at the Jos School of Biblical Studies. His mother also became a Christian soon after his graduation. 

Rambi was married to his wife Asabe in December 1999 and God has blessed them with three children, two boys, Mayamba, 9, and Faidayamba, 1, and a daughter, Fononyamba, who is 6 years old. We learned while were in Africa that the Rambis are expecting a fourth child.

Rambi’s wife Asabe is a trained Senior Community Health Extension Worker and presently plans to pursue a degree in law.

Rambi, who is from Northeastern Nigeria, has served as preaching minister for the Jos Church of Christ. He also preached for the Wulari Jerusalem Church of Christ in Maiduguri, Nigeria, and was responsible in maturing leadership there to serve as shepherds. The Wulari Jerusalem Church owns the land where our Pompomari Training Farm is located. Rambi presently preaches for the Kado Church of Christ, in the city of Abuja, the Federal Capitol of Nigeria. 

We feel very fortunate to have found someone as talented and qualified as Rambi to continue the great work that has been done over the past three years by Ebenezer Udofia. Ebenezer began his new position with Healing Hands International at the end of August. We now look to the future with confidence and assurance in the new leadership that Rambi Ayala will bring to Hope Springs’ work in Africa.

Rambi and Ebenezer