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The love of Christ is stronger than terrorism, or hate.

Chibok, where 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped on April 14 by Islamist militants.

Chibok, where 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped on April 14 by Islamist militants.

By now just about everyone has heard about the terrorist activity in northern Nigeria. Boko Haram, as they call themselves, has been responsible for the death of thousands over the last few years, but only gained national attention with the recent abduction of over 200 young girls from a school. Boko Haram’s activity has hit close to home in recent days with deadly attacks on villages in the Chibok area of

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

Nigeria Kidnapped Girls

southern Borno State where we have associates, and on this past Saturday June 7th when a suicide bomber killed herself and others at the military barracks in Gombe city in Gombe State, Nigeria our home base of operations.

Our well drilling operation and recent assistance to a local community in the completion of a maternity clinic continue to build relationships with both Christian and Muslim communities alike. Rambi Ayala, our Director of Operations for Africa, filed this report.

DSC_8473_1“Sir, our work continues to generate a lot of interest and goodwill from members of the public. At the weekend precisely on Saturday 7, 2014, I was called upon to receive an Award of Excellence in community service at the university of Jos by the Gombe State Students’ Association. It was an impressive gathering where the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Social Development and Special Duties, Mrs. Sarah Pane, delivered a keynote address at the occasion. Other dignitaries included Dr. Danlami Arabs Rukuje, Senior Adviser to the Governor of Gombe State, who doubled as the Executive Secretary of the State’s Emergency Agency. It was quiet humbling to know that what we are doing is creating impact and noted in several quarters.

Hope Springs International continues to gain more and more recognition by the day. We are inspired to do more in spite of

Kalkulum Maternity Clinic under construction

Kalkulum Maternity Clinic under construction

the daunting security challenges Nigeria is facing. There was a suicide bomb attack in Gombe yesterday at the Army barracks by a woman. Our country needs prayers for God’s intervention, mercy and grace.”

5 Nigeria WellsAlthough these are challenging times we continue to move ahead in our efforts to bring lasting change to the lives of those in need.


We have been blessed to work with a local commercial drilling company that has agreed to drill wells on our behalf for only $3,000 each. That is half the normal cost for a well in this area. We have requests for wells from at least 10 more remote villages that have never had a well and are presently drinking from ponds and streams they share with their animals. We have funds on hand for one of these requested wells. Would you be willing to provide or help provide one of the nine left?

I want to join Rambi in requesting that you keep this work in your prayers. These works continue to speak of the love of Christ for those in need and serve to open doors for others to learn about the One who loves them and was willing to die for them. The love of Christ is stronger than terrorism, or hate.

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