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The spirit of Dorcas is alive and well in middle Tennessee

Part of the 161 handmade dresses going to Dono-Manga, Chad

Part of the 161 handmade dresses going to Dono-Manga, Chad

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Dorcas. (Acts 9:36-43) It takes only 8 verses for Luke to tell her story, but what a wonderful tribute to this lady. Dorcas was a gifted seamstress and used her talent to serve others and bring glory of God. The story opens with her death. Mourners came to her funeral to honor her by showing the clothing she had made for them, a testimony of her love and servant heart.

I am here to testify that the spirit of Dorcas is still alive and well. As many of you know we are preparing to ship a new well drilling machine to Dono-Manga, Chad. We have been gathering items to fill the empty space around and above this machine. This week the ladies sewing groups from the Madison and Joelton Churches of Christ blessed us with 161 handmade dresses of all sizes from infant to teen. Madison’s group “Sew-it-Seams was aided by the 5th and 6th grade girls class who helped by cutting out the dress with patterns. The Joelton ladies have been doing this type of work for sometime now and have sent many dresses to Hatti over the last few years.

Thank you to the ladies in each of these groups for your willingness to use your talents to bless others. Your dresses will be the first new article of clothing our girls have ever received. I can assure you that these little girls will be so excited!