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Your Gift is all About Belief


Across the house are strips of wrapping paper, empty boxes and an array of colorful tissue paper. Bows and labels are adorning the floor and sometimes the family pet that wandered by. Parents lean back on the couch with relieved sighs and happy smiles as they watch the children giggling and playing with their new toys.

The gifts were a success.

Across the world a family gathers at a well to receive fresh water. A pregnant mother receives health care as she watches the staff say something to her child whose smiles lights up from across the room. Nearby a small school rings with children’s voices of 20111111_Niger_056_smdelight and the teacher’s praise.

Your gifts were a success.

This time of the year, we begin to get a sparkle in our eye when we start picking gifts out for those we care about. Searching through many items before we decide on the perfect thing that meets their needs and desires. The giving is contagious as the simple act brings such joy and some reach out past their own walls to look at what they can do for others to give one special gift.

The gift is all about belief.

Belief that the person gets their needs met.

Belief that the person sees that their desires are important.

Belief that they are cared for.

In Dono-Manga, Chad needs that have long been the difference in life or death of so many, are being met with generous gifts from those who believe in the people. Desires of better health care, schooling, help with farming are showing the people that we believe in them. Orphaned children who receive your sponsorship go to bed at night knowing that someone believes in them.

This year as you check off your many lists of presents, Hope Springs International challenges you as a family, community or group of friends to set aside a special gift for the men, women and children of Dono-Manga, Chad. We believe that we can change lives one village at a time and give them a chance to believe and hope.

Your gifts will be a success.

by Alycia Neighbors

by Alycia Neighbors