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Late…But Not To Late

When I write about Dono-Manga, Chad I write a lot about the kids. Kids touch my heart. But there is another side to our work in Dono-Manga that involves the older generation. Many people from this remote area have never heard the Good News about Jesus. They don’t even know His name.

These folks have lived their lives getting by one day at a time. Their only plan for the future was to make it one more day. They have lived with hardship; they have lost children and loved ones. They have been close to death on more than one occasion, but have survived. Now they are old. Their faces speak of the long road they have traveled. Life has made them skeptical. They are filled with questions and superstitions, but when Christ is lifted up He draws even these to Himself.

Thirteen ministers are now sharing the Gospel in Dono-Manga on a daily basis. Many of those who are responding to the Gospel are nearing the end of their lives here on earth. How thrilling it is to see those with only a short time left come to Jesus and receive hope beyond the grave; a hope more wonderful than they can begin to comprehend. While we are excited to see our orphans and the other children of Dono-Manga learning about Jesus, we are equally as thrilled to see this older generation coming to Christ as well.

Untold millions remain untold. The great commission given by Jesus is just as urgent as ever. Thank you for partnering with us in bringing both young and old to a saving knowledge of Jesus.