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Ebenezer Udofia takes new position with Healing Hands International

It is with mixed emotions that we bid farewell to a long time friend, brother and associate. Ebenezer Udofia. Ebenezer began his new position with Healing Hands International September first of this year. He has work as the Director of Operations for Hope Springs International since February of 2008. He was instrumental in getting the Pompomari Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Training Farm up and running and has overseen its operation until his departure in September.

Soon after taking the position with Hope Springs International, at that time called Arewa Aid, our resident missionary family was re-called. Although  Ebenezer barely got his feet on the ground before all these changes took place, he successfully accepted the new challenge posed by these events and rose to the occasion never missing a beat in the process.

During these trying times Healing Hands International stepped in and took over the personal support of Ebenezer and the Pompomari Farm as we at Hope Springs began to re-organize and re-group. The part played by Healing Hands International and it’s CEO Randy Steiger, Vice President Chris Gingles and Agricultural Director Dave Goolsby, cannot be over stated. 

While Ebenezer will no longer be working directly with Hope Springs International we have been assured that he will still be available to us with his expert knowledge of agriculture and animal husbandry should we need him.

Ebenezer is presently living with his wife Regina and daughter Grace , pictured above with mission team members, in Jos, Nigeria.

We at Hope Springs International are excited for the many opportunities that will be provided to Ebenezer in his new position and wish him God speed.

Ebenezer doing what he does best. Teaching the principle of dry season farming or drip irrigation in Dono-Manga, Chad in March of this year.