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Donkeys and Cart in front of one of the meeting houses in Dono-Manga

Donkeys and Cart in front of one of the meeting houses in Dono-Manga

Back in July we told you about a report published by Healing Hands International in their newspaper about how a donkey car was being used to haul the large quantities of water needed to supply drip irrigation farming in Niger. That report resulted in a number of people sending donations to Healing Hands for the purchase of more donkey carts to be used wherever there might be a need. Dono-Manga, Chad was provided with funds from these donations to purchase such a donkey cart for there needs. We are thrilled to report that they have been able to purchase not just one donkey, but two and the cart as well.

The purchase of these donkeys and cart could not come at a better time. As soon as roads are repaired into the Dono-Manga from the capitol, Ebenezer will travel here to oversee the repair of these out of service wells in this District of Chad. As we have reported elsewhere only 6 of the 25 wells in Dono-Manga are in service. We have raised enough funds so far to repair 16 of these out of service wells. Only three more to go! Water will soon be flowing again to this area where people are dying for the lack of potable water to drink. Once the water is flowing again we will be able to teach the skills of drip irrigation farming that will enable people from Dono-Manga to raise crops 12 months out of the year and not just the three months of the rainy season. The donkeys and cart will make it possible to service a broader the area.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping with the repair costs of the remaining three wells drop me a note at hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com. If you are reading this on Facebook, just leave me a comment or internal email.

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Donkey Cart Fills A Vital Need

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Clean drinking water, necessary to sustain life, is a major concern when you live on the edge of the great Sahara Desert. Water sources are few and far between. In many cases much of a families’ day is spent traveling great distances to just securing water. During the dry season when no rain falls it makes it nearly impossible to raise food. One of the challenges we face in training people in the skills of drip irrigation is finding a way to get the water needed to allow this process to extend the growing season from 3 months to year round. In a place like Dono-Manga, Chad, where you do not have a local source for clean water and the nearest source is six kilometers away, it is incredibly difficult to provide large enough quantities of water for drinking and hygiene, much less drip irrigation farming.

Healing Hands International recently reported that this problem is being overcome in Niger through the use of donkey carts. Multiple and larger containers of water can be transported at one time by this means, thus conserving time and manpower. Resulting from a recent article about how these donkey carts were being used in Niger, a number of people responded wanting to provide additional donkey carts for use where ever they might be needed. Healing Hands International recently made funds available for one of those pledged donkey carts to be used in Dono-Manga.

While this will not remove the need for more wells, once wells are dug the donkey cart will extend our reach as drip irrigation farming begins to expand through out the Dono-Manga district.

You can provide a Donkey Cart for $500.00. More importantly, a well can be provided for only $1,000.