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Who is my neighbor?

First drink from the new well.

First drink from the new well.

A long standing hatred existed between the Jews and the Samaritans in Jesus’ day. Jews traveling north to Galilee would go to the other side of the Jordan so they would not have to go through Samaria and run the risk of encountering a Samaritan.  In John 4 Jesus said he “had to go through Samaria”. His encounter with the nameless Samaritan woman at the well is not famous. His story of the “Good Samaritan” is even referred to in non-religious circles. Jesus taught that God’s love and concern was for all mankind.  Anyone in need is my neighbor.

When we began our well drilling program in Nigeria we purposed to provide wells on the basis of the greatest needed without respect for race, tribal affiliation or religious preference. We recently drilled a well in the Muslim village of Jauro Mallam. That well was dedicated just a few days ago. The people of this village have never had a well. It has been amazing to see the expressions of appreciation that have come from this village and the officials in this part of the state.

Jauro Mallam’s well was just dedicated a few days ago. Here is our Director of Operations for Africa, Rambi Ayala’s firsthand account of the ceremonies.

“The dedication ceremony in Jauro Mallam drew people from different parts of the state, especially people in

Women who are not allowed to attend the ceremony look over the wall.

Women who are not allowed to attend the ceremony look over the wall.

Akko Local Government. This was due largely to the history that was made, being the first and only borehole drilled in the over 60 year history of the existence of the people of Jauro Mallam. There was excitement in the whole place. According to Islamic injunction women ought not to be seen outside during an occasion like this, but this was defied as the women of Jauro Mallam peeped over mud fences to catch a glimpse of the ceremonies.

IMG_20131101_113555In his speech, Mr. Bose, village leader, who spoke on behalf of the Jauro Mallam community and went down memory lane telling how his people would travel long distance in search of water. He said, “Whenever any member of the community is getting married, water used to be a most valuable wedding gift. Members of the community would take an average of one week to start bringing water from neighboring communities’ miles away in preparation for the wedding.”  He continued, “The presence of a borehole drilled by Hope Springs International makes them think they are in a dream, because they never expected that such a development would get to them this soon.”

The Executive Chairman of Akko Local Government Alhaji Mohammed Suleiman Bello, thanked Hope Springs International for bringing succor to a people in dare need. In what sounded like a sermon, The Chairman extoled the virtue of good deeds when he recalled what was said about the prophet of Islam who converted an old woman by a singular act of kindness.

He said, the prophet met an old woman one day who was struggling to carry a bunch of firewood, when she saw IMG_20131101_113436him she asked for his help without knowing that it was the prophet Muhammad. Instead of putting it on her head he decided to carry it himself and asked her to lead the way to her house. On getting to her house, the elated old woman said she has an advice for him. She told him that there is a young man called Muhammad who is preaching that people should follow his god, and that he should not listen or believe in him. Muhammad then told her he was the prophet. It was at that point the old woman turned and became a Muslim. She was won over by his good deeds not his preaching. He urged people to imbibe what Hope Springs International is doing.

A long the same lines the District Head of Gadawo who at the same time is the Clerk of Gombe State House of Assembly, Alhaji Shehu Mohammed Atiku, expressed immense gratitude to Hope Springs International for locating the borehole in his domain. He urged people who have the means to imitate Betty [the lady whose donation made this well possible] and other donors of Hope Springs International to do likewise and alleviate the suffering of others regardless of race, color or creed.

IMG_20131101_112544As a mark of appreciation, the Village head of Wuro Yaya gave me the honorary title of Sarkin-Yakin Jauro Mallam meaning the war commander of Jauro Malam because Hope Springs International has fought their water scarcity to a standstill and won the Battle. While on the other hand the District Head of Gadawo offered the title of Gado-Masu Gadawo, which also signifies a warrior for the poor.

Also in attendance were representative of the Emire of Akko, Alhaji Mohammed Atiku, District Heads, Village Heads, Ward Heads on one hand while on the other hand the Executive Chairman of Akko Alhaji Mohammed Suleiman Bello, his Counsellors, other top government officials, community leaders, members of the press among others.” Rambi

Doors of communication are opened when people know that you care about them. Relationships are formed on the heels of acts of kindness and love. The two honorary titles bestowed on Rambi are highly prized and respected.

A special thank you to Ms. Betty who made this well and three other wells possible. Her generosity at the age of 85 has brought lasting change to thousands of people. You can too!

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