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A Goal To Bring Lasting Change…We are making progress!

water15aPreventable Disease By the Numbers

1.5 million kids die annually from diseases that are easily preventable through routine vaccinations. (World Health Organization)

1 million people die of malaria each year. (Compassion.com)

30,000 people die weekly from illnesses caused by unclean drinking water. 90 percent of these deaths are children. (Charity Water)

17 million kids were orphaned because of AIDS in 2011 (globalhealthfacts.org)

As discouraging as these figures can be, we are making progress!

The global mortality rate from malaria has dropped 25 percent since 2000.

In Africa, the malaria death rate has fallen 33 percent in the same time frame.

Vaccination programs have resulted in a 74 percent decrease in measles deaths worldwide.

God calls us to not only meet these needs, but to empower people for sustainable and lasting change. Hope Pupils in School (124)Springs International provides deep water wells, affordable health care, training in dry season farming and animal husbandry as a means to accomplish these goals. Each project is planned with an exit strategy in mind and a time line when each work will stand on its own with minimal or no ongoing support will be needed. Even our orphanage is being structured to one day be able to function without the need of outside support.

“If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday. And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.” Isa. 58:10, 11.

Your gifts are bringing lasting change. Donate here: www.hopespringsint.com

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A Lot On My Mind

JHC-Centennial ContrastI had my 4th heart catheterization two weeks ago. As they wheeled me down the hall to the Cath. Lab my thoughts were not on the procedure about to take place, but our Jordan Health Center in Dono-Manga, Chad. I don’t mean to sound flippant about the heart cath. It’s always critical and risky when someone goes poking around your heart. My thoughts were about the quality of care available to me as compared to that in developing nations like Chad. In reality there is no comparison.

I am thankful for hospitals like Centennial and their professional personnel. I am also so thankful for the Jordan Health Center. This small health center was built a little over two years ago. It’s a small building not much larger than a one car garage. It’s nothing in comparison to the state of the art facility I was in for my procedure. But from the time JHC opened its doors until now thousands of men, women and children that have come for treatment, and there is no way to know how many hundreds of lives have been saved.

35 Year Old Moguira from Kanyoura Village a distance of 21km brought by seven relation in an Ox Cart for treatment.

35 Year Old Moguira from Kanyoura Village a distance of 21km brought by seven relation in an Ox Cart for treatment.

People come from miles around for treatment. Some walk, others are brought in Ox carts. One man, near death, was carried by his family on a homemade stretcher from their village 20 miles away.

In February of this year we began construction on a 1600 sq. ft. addition to the Jordan Health Center. This expansion is so desperately needed to handle the ever increasing flow of patients. The new facility will contain an office, an exam room and two wards with 4 beds each. What a blessing this addition will be. People will no longer have to lie on the floor during treatment. Consultation and treatment areas will be a clean, sanitary and private.

Walls are going up quickly!

Walls are going up quickly!

In February when we began construction it was a step of faith. The foundation is now complete and the walls are up. We need an additional $11,000 to complete the building, $7,000 to complete construction and 4,000.00 for interior work and furnishings.  Total construction cost will be under $20,000. That is a bargain at less than $12 a sq. ft.

It’s urgent that we finish this project before the rainy season. Heavy, unrelenting rains begin in early June. They peak in August and begin to taper off by the end of September. There are heavy rains most every day during the peak period. Without a roof and exterior stucco to protect the walls the rain could cause significant damage to whatPrecipitation in Dono Manga  Chad has been accomplished so far.

Will you consider making a sacrificial donation to help us finish this critically needed addition? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your gift will save lives!

Donating is simple. Go to our website and click on the Donate Button at the home page. Debit and Credit Cards are welcomed. Or if you prefer simply mail your check to: Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

Thank you for being Jesus to the people of Dono-Manga. Your gifts not only bring physical healing, but spiritual healing as well.

photo(2)aLee Hodges, President

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Construction On The New Addition To The Jordan Health Center To Begin In February

mats on ground

Initial materials have been ordered and construction will begin in early February on the much needed addition to the Jordan Health Center in Dono-Manga, Chad. Our small staff of two has been struggling to meet the demands of the hundreds coming for treatment due to the recent flooding in this part of Southern Chad. At one time during the peak period of this disaster as many as 250 people per day were being treated. All of this taking place in a small building no larger than a one car garage with a small porch. Volunteers were enlisted to help and learned to dispense medication and administer immunizations under the watchful eye of Eloi our nurse.

Mothers With Small Children receiving Mosquito Nets at our present building.

Mothers with small children receiving mosquito nets at our present building.

The new 1600 square foot addition will have a private exam room and two wards with 4 beds each, one for men and one for women. The Jordan Health Center is located on the same property as our Orphanage and Farm Compound.  We are also hopeful that we will be able to add a school building here as well for the 500+ students that are meeting in thatch huts for classes presently.

More than medical treatment is dispensed at the Jordan Health Center. Lazarus a recent graduate of the Jos School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria is stationed at the Heath Center and shares the message of Christ with people waiting for treatment. Many have come to know Christ and new churches have been started as a result of his efforts.

village woman receing treatment.We still need an additional $12,000.00 to complete the Jordan Health Center addition. The initial $8,000.00 to begin this project was provided by the efforts of the team at CMI Medical Missions.

Will you help us complete this critically important building program? Gifts of any size are deeply appreciated and may be made mail: Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075, or you may donate at our website: wwwhopespringsint.com. The Jordan Health Center provides treatment for more people in a day than many hospital emergency rooms in the US. You gifts will help us do even more!

Our Director of Operation for Africa Rambi Ayala will soon be in Dono-Manga to oversee the construction and send first hand reports on all phases of the work there. Check back often updates. Better yet, subscribe to this blog and receive updates automatically!

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Recent flooding brings hardship, death and challenges for our Jordan Health Center

Most of us have probably seen a movie, television show or photograph of medical needs being provided in dire circumstances with little to no adequate medical equipment, facilities or staffing. Most of us also have the ability that when the slightest medical need arises for us, we can drive to a medical facility and be seen fairly quickly with the latest technology and methods.

However, the first scenario that we have seen, but never had to experience is a reality for many. We also have the unique opportunity to change this reality for the 1000s that come monthly to The Jordan Health Center.

Although the two person staff is accustomed to the volume that The Jordan Health Center normally receives, an increase of patients due to an unusually heavy rainy season in August and September that caused major flooding has caused severely dehydrated and exhausted patients to travel to The Jordan Health Center desperate for treatment for diarrhea and dysentery.

These treatable illnesses have been caused by drinking water from over 700 contaminated wells from the hardest hit areas of the serious flooding throughout Southern Chad. In addition to the medical needs of the people, 70,000 are now homeless and around 150,000 have been affected by thousands of acres of crops and next year’s crop seeds being washed away. Many of the people coming to The Jordan Health Center are from these areas East of Dono-Manga where two major rivers come together near the city of Sarh. These swollen rivers merged into one torrent of water that caused the contamination of the wells and destruction of crops.

Of the desperate people who have traveled for medical attention, 6 people have died. Among them was Nombrengar Philip, who arrived too weak to be saved. Although hundreds are being treated for Malaria and the government declared a Cholera epidemic on September 3rd that will eventually bring many others for treatment; the loss of just one is preventable in our hands. We have the opportunity to make the life of Nombrengar Philip not just a casualty of circumstance, but the pinnacle of our ministry both medically and spiritually.

These events point out the importance of getting our proposed health center expansion underway as soon as possible. This new addition will have two wards with four beds each for treating pregnant women and the critically ill. This 45’ X 35’ facility will cost only $20,000 to build and furnish with basic supplies. What a blessing this addition would be for our small staff as they deal with what must seem like overwhelming numbers of people coming day after day for treatment.

In the midst of this tragedy God granted us a major blessing. Our Jordan Health Center has been under the watchful eye of the Chadian Government. Our ongoing performance during this state of emergency has resulted in a special ceremony being held to

Floor Plan for addition to Jordan Health Center

award the Jordan Health Center with its full accreditation as a Health Center by the Chadian Government.

Hundreds of lives are being saved and God is receiving the glory through many of you who make our work possible. If you have never supported Hope Springs would you consider doing so? Will you help us build this desperately needed addition to the Jordan Health Center?

Donations may be made via PayPal at our website: www.hopespringsint.com, or by mailing your check to Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075. If you have questions or need additional information you may also email us at: hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com.

We hope you will join us in bringing lasting change to a hurting world, one village at a time.

by Alycia Neighbors

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Jordan Health Center Provides Treatment For 1013 In The Last 7 Weeks

I continue to be amazed by the number of men, women and children that are being treated at our Jordan Health Center in Dono-Manga, Chad. I just received word from our Director of Operations, Rambi Ayala that in the last 7 weeks 1013 people have been treated. This number included 345 children between new born and age 12; 227 children 13 and older; 255 women and; 186 men.

What is equally exciting is that during this same period 6 of those coming to the Health Center became Christ followers and were baptized into Christ.

Our nurse, Eloi Madjiadoum reported the people coming for treatment are eager to pay whatever they can afford to enable the Center to restock the medication supply and insure that the Center is able to become self-sustaining.

The poor of Dono-Manga now have health care available for the first time in their lives. Their children are no longer dying from treatable childhood diseases and malaria. Pregnant women are now receiving pre-and post-natal care. Minor surgical needs are being treated before they cause major health issues that can result in death.

Plans are now underway to add additional personnel to work with Eloi and the increasing volume of people coming for treatment. Also an expansion of the Health Center is planned in the near future that will provide a ward with 6 beds for maternity and longer term treatment needs. More about this exciting expansion coming soon.

Those of you who support this work make all of this possible. Thank you for being Jesus to the people of Dono-Manga! A compassionate touch continues to open hearts to hear the message of a God that loves them more than they could ever know.

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Hope Springs International Teaming Up With CMI Medical Missions For Medical Campaign

Hope Springs will be teaming up with CMI Medical Missions for a large scale medical mission to Dono-Manga, Chad early next year. The team will consist of medical Doctors, Dentist and other medical support personnel.  Dr. Eni from Maiduguri, Nigeria, who is on the teaching staff of the training hospital there, will also be joining us. Of first importance will be to assess the medical needs of each of the 41 orphans at our orphanage and the rest of the 325 students enrolled in the newly establish school. After that our team will treat as many as possible from the community during the remainder of our stay.

Our dispensary in Dono-Manga has been seeing about 150 people per month many coming from great distances as the word continues to spread. This campaign will no doubt bring more attention to the help that is available in this very remote area of the nation of Chad and greatly increase the opportunity to share the message of Christ as well.

Efforts are underway to be sure the dispensary is stocked with the necessary drugs to cover this special trip when as many as a thousand people may be seen. Many of those who will be treated would never have the opportunity to see a doctor without an effort like this.

Todd has been with Murfreesboro based National HealthCare Corporation for over 15 years.

It is such a pleasure to work with true professionals in an effort like this. Directors Todd Moore and Dr. Matthew Tincher are experienced leaders and have made numerous medical mission trips, some of the most recent to Haiti and Honduras.

Matt is the medical director for the Emergency Department at Horizon Medical Center in Dickson, TN.

We solicit your prayers for this upcoming trip as there will be difficult days of travel to and from Dono-Manga, and long hot days of ministry to those in need.









Just a few of the 325 children enrolled in the new school that will be getting medical care during this campaign.