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I love the “Why not” spirit of young people!

I love the “Why not” spirit of young people. When they see a challenge they don’t analyze it, they simply say, “Why not?” Recently I told you the story of what one 13 year old wanted for her birthday. She saw a challenge and said, “Why not?” Here is another “Why not?” story.

Nathan Hamm is a young man with questions. Three years ago he asked his dad, “Why doesn’t someone do something about all the suffering in the world today?” His dad then asked him a question. “Why don’t YOU do something about it?” Darin Hamm, Nathan’s father, then shared with him the work of Hope Springs International and how we teach Drip Irrigation Farming and the need for a variety of garden seeds used in this training program.

Nathan and his family

That first year over 400 seed packets were raised through Nathan’s efforts. The following year Nathan’s sister Madison joined the effort and over 700 seed packets were collected. 2012 is the third year that this family has been involved in collecting gardening seed for our work in Nigeria and Chad. This year Nathan stepped up his efforts and found a way to collect more seed packets that ever before. The follow video produced by Nathan’s dad tells this exciting story.

This is just one of numerous ways to be involved in making a real difference in the lives of suffering people throughout the world.  Jesus said, “And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.” (Matt. 10:42). Click here to learn more about Hope Springs International Or drop us a note at: hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com

(Poster created by Darin Hamm)

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Information On Our “Need For Seed” Program

All Types Of Vegetable Seeds Are Needed.

Several have requested more information about our “Need For Seed” program. Here is a reply I sent to a recent request.

Thanks for asking about our “Need for Seed” program. Hope Springs is involved in providing wells and drip irrigation farming workshops in sub-Saharan Africa. This combination of wells and drip irrigation farming training enable people who normally could only farm during the short three month rainy season to raise crops 12 months out of the year. Our program helps to provide seed needed to get people started in learning these skills.
Seeds can be sent any time, but seeds are usually only available for purchase here in the US in the Spring and Summer.
We can use all kinds of vegetable seeds. Many of the seed varieties we have available here will grow in Africa, but they simply are not available.
Seeds can be mailed to us here at Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075. We will ship the seeds from here to locations where we have Drip Irrigation programs working.
The program is simple. Here are some suggestions:
1. Make an announcement at your church, office or other places that you are collecting seeds for use in Africa. Provide a donation box or just have folks bring them to you.
2. Email your friends list and have them send seeds to you to forward on to us.
3. Talk to stores that have seed displays and ask them what they do with left over seeds at the end of the season? Ask them to consider donating left over seeds to Hope Springs.
4. You can promote our “Need for Seed” program on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Link them to our site or just spread the word through your own.
Here is a link to a story on our blog about this program: https://hopespringsblog.wordpress.com/2010/04/14/2010-need-for-seed/
Here is a link to a story on our blog about our work in Dono-Manga, Chad and how wells and drip irrigation work together: https://hopespringsblog.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/more-than-just-new-wells-in-dono-manga/
Hope this helps and thanks again for writing.

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Children have an honest idealism that cause them to see problems and challenges as having very simple solutions. They often challenge us adults with their spontaneous compassion and desire to do something about the needs of the suffering and hurting in our world.

Nathaniel Hamm is one such young man. Last year at this time Nathaniel, the 10-year-old son of Darin Hamm, Teaching Pastor for the New Heights Church in Owasso, Oklahoma, heard about the street children that we are working with through our farm in Maiduguri, Nigeria. He heard how we train these young people, many about his age, in the skills of drip irrigation that enable street children to return to their families and help provide food year round in this aired desert region of Northern Nigeria. He also learned of our constant need for seed for our training farm and a need for seed to send home with these trainees to begin their own farming efforts.

What follows is Nathaniel’s story in his own words. Read and be blessed as you see what a 10 year old can do for the cause of Christ.

Seeds for Arewa Aid by Nathaniel Hamm,

I came to dad and complained that people should do more. I wanted him to get something done. He asked me why I didn’t do something.

He told me about Arewa Aid (Now Hope Springs) and said they could use seeds to help people in Africa. He explained about irrigation and what was happening and we agreed that I could do something to help.

So I asked my school principal if I could try to get other kids to raise seeds. She told me that I needed to talk to the Superintendent so my dad helped me send them an email.

Oh, I also emailed the man from Arewa Aid, Lee, to see if this would help and be a good idea. He said yes and gave me a list of seeds.

So the school said I could set up a table for a week at my school. The week came and I set up a table and made poster signs with information about the seeds and what they would be used for. I had bags that my dad gave me and they each had a flyer with the information.

I also had my dad tell people at church and he put something in our church bulletin.

In the end I collected seeds from people at my school and from people in my church. I boxed up the seeds and after finding the right address my dad took me to the post office where we mailed the seeds.

I hope it helps those kids on the street find a way to stay with their family. I hope they know it is because of Jesus that this was done.

Thanks for letting me help.

Nathaniel Hamm

Through Nathaniel’s efforts we shipped a box of 234 packets of seeds to Nigeria.

There are many ways to help, both large and small, which allow you to make a difference in the lives of people today. Many schools allow such projects as the one Nathaniel organized. Others might set up a seed donation box in a Bible Class or do a church wide project to raise seed. If you would like be a part of our “2010 Need For Seed” program, drop me a note at rabboniblog@yahoo.com. We will be glad to provide information and assistance.

Store shelves are stocked with plenty of seed this time of year. Help us take advantage of this availability. Here is a way you can make a significant difference. Why not talk to store owners about donating all or a portion of unsold seed at the end of this planting season. With our drip irrigation program we can use seed throughout the year.