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A Surprise Blessing

DSC_0879 (2)I sat down to rest for a moment on a bench under a shade tree just outside the Jordan Health Center. An elderly gentleman sat next to me leaning against the tree making rope out of a pile of string. As he turned and looked at me I knew at once it was Martin Ramadengar. I had never actually met Martin in person, but I had told his story in a blog article written back in May of 2011.


Martin receiving treatment in May of 2011

“Martin Ramadengar was near death when his family learned of the new dispensary in Dono-Manga, Chad 20 miles from their village of Mouassede. Against all odds they made the long journey carrying Martin who was too weak to walk on his own. Pierre Rimorbe, lead evangelist in Dono-Manga, reported that during the next three weeks our nurse Eloi Madjiadoum treated Martin, and he is now able to walk on his own and is getting stronger every day. But the clinic did more than heal his physical body. During his three weeks of treatment he and his family were taught the Gospel of Christ. Martin and five of his family members were just baptized into Christ.”


Dr. Eni (left) Martin (Center) our nurse Eloi (Right)

In April of the following year our friend Dr. Eni and our Director of Operations for Africa Rambi Ayala visited Dono-Manga and shared a picture of a healthy Martin with a big smile on his face. At that time he had decided he was going to stay in Dono-Manga and not return to his home village.

DSC_0878 (2)

Martin making rope out of a pile of string.

Our visit came three years later and Martin is still in Dono-Manga. Martin is just one of the hundreds and hundreds of people who are alive and well because caring hearts were willing to give to make the Jordan Health Center a reality. If you would like to support this work click here to make your donaton.

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Seeing the heart of Jesus in a child.

1001682_10151796304653156_192419833_nOne of the joys of the season is getting to spend special time with family and friends. We were blessed this past Friday evening to have dinner with Brad and Jennifer Blake and their four children. The Blakes are former long term missionaries to Nigeria. Three of the Blake’s four children were born in Nigeria, and Brad is the only American that I know that speaks the Hausa language fluently. Hausa is the local language of northern Nigeria.

As we were talking after dinner 9 year old Musa, (the Blake’s third child in birth order, and yes Musa is a Nigerian name), came to his dad with a very sad look on his face. Musa had brought an envelope with him with $20.00 in it, and he was telling his dad that he had lost it. Brad and Musa retraced his steps, but the lost envelope was no were to be found. His mom Jennifer sensing how disappointed he was opened her

The Blake Family

The Blake Family

purse and counted out $20.00 and gave to him.

As I watched these events unfold I was thinking to myself, the $20.00 must have been some of his Christmas money or something he had saved to buy something special that he wanted. I was so surprised and touched to the heart when he walked around the table to where I was seated and handed me the money. He wanted half of the money to go to the kids at the orphanage and half to our medical clinic both of which are in Chad. My heart melted and all I could think was Praise God!

Jennifer told us that Musa has always had a heart for, and a desire to help the less fortunate. She said that he will often put together small care packages in small plastic bags, with things like toiletries and snacks. While they are out and about if they see a homeless person he will ask his mom to stop so he can give them one of the packs.

Musa is only nine years old. His heart speaks volumes about his mom and dad. But it also forecasts the future. Can you imagine what God can and no doubt will do with someone so committed to the things that HE is committed to.

Many things have touched my heart in the years that I have worked with Hope Springs International, but those that touch me the most are the kids who give out of a concern for other kids and those in need. We have had a number of children donate their birthdays and ask that money be given to Hope Springs instead of gifts for themselves. Sometimes the things we experience in life cause us to become calloused and hardened and as adults we lose that childlike heart. Then a child like Musa comes along and right before our eyes we remember. We remember when we cared like that too.

Thank you Musa for reminding us how Jesus responded to the needs of others He met. Thank you for reminding us that we used to be that way too, and maybe, just maybe, we could be that way again.

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GREAT NEWS! It’s too good to be called good news.

great newsOn Monday one of our board member couples gave me a check for $10,000.00. This couple told me earlier, “We need to get this Health Center addition finished.” Now with their generous gift we have the funds to do just that. Praise God!

I am privileged to work with a great board of directors. Each of them brings special talents to the table. All of them have a deep love for the lost and a missional mindset. Just as God has directed and blessed this work from its beginning, He continues to bless us with key couples and individuals to serve on our board. A little over a year ago two other of our board members hosted a fund raiser that brought in the $8,000.00 needed to get this project started.

We are also deeply grateful to others who have given to this project as well. Working together God is causing His plan to unfold for this very remote area of Southern Chad. We are so blessed to be able to work with HIM.

Jordan Health Center has given us the opportunity to show the love of Christ to thousands since it opened some JHCAthree years ago. The message of Christ is shared with all who come for treatment. There is no way to know how many lives have been saved, but more importantly many have come to Christ and new churches have been established. People can no longer say they have never heard the name of Jesus.

Stay tuned for updated reports on the construction progress and other exciting new developments on the horizon. We serve a big God. As Perry Nobel said recently, “May we not be found guilty of “safe,” small and manageable thinking when God is able to do immeasurably more!”

If you would like to partner with us you may donate at: www.hopespringsint.com or by mail to Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

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Reasons to be encouraged!

JHCAMy last post was filled with sadness at the death of 5 year old Pandjelta. But when you have never had access to modern medicine you do what you have been taught to do. Superstition and ancient remedies rule the day in this remote area. So our work is not only to treat the sick, but to educate as well.

While there is sadness at this loss of this child there is great reason to rejoice as well. We just received a report about the Jordan Health Center, from our Director of Operations for Africa, Rambi Ayala, which is so encouraging.

“It is so gratifying to note what remarkable progress is being made at the Jordan Health Center. During a recent visit by a panel of inspectors from the Federal Ministry of Health, JHC was given an A rating for centers in the same category. The panel said JHC is growing fast and has the prospect in the future of being made a General Hospital.

Commendation was also given to Hope Springs for the initiative to come to the aid of the rural people in critical

New supply of medications being inventoried.

New supply of medications being inventoried.

need of medical care.  When one realizes how difficult it is to get to Dono-Manga you realize what a blessing JHC really is to this area.  It is for this reason that the government swiftly pledged its readiness to periodically assist in supplying drugs at a 50% discounted price. They lauded the ongoing project of new building at the center which they said meets the required standard.”

Below is a record of the patients that were treated over a 10 month period in 2013.


It is hard to believe that this many people are being treated presently in a building no larger than a one car garage. All the more reason for our excitement as our new addition nears competition. This two ward 8 bed facility will be such a blessing.

Those coming for treatment are encouraged to pay at a greatly reduced cost. These funds are used to replenish our drug supplies. But from time to time we do have a need to provide additional funds to restock our drug supply because no one is ever turned away. The children at our orphanage and school (close to 700) are all treated as needed at no charge.

Your donations to Hope Springs International supply us with the funds to be sure that we always have needed medications on hand. Will you join us in bringing lasting change to one child, mother, and father at a time? You can donate here: www.hopespringsint.com or by check to Hope Springs Int’l, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075

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Magic Kingdom – Tragic Kingdom

walt-disney-worldIn his latest book, “Unfinished…Believing is only the beginning”, Richard Stearns of World Vision asks an interesting question. “What would people be like if they had been born and raised inside the Magic Kingdom park (Walt Disney World), and had never seen the outside world? Since our worldviews are shaped by our contexts, imagine what a distorted worldview they would have.” Pg. 41BbgqfkgNL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_46.

In the rest of this chapter of Stearns’ book he develops the contrast between the blessings we have here in the USA, our own “Magic Kingdom”, as compared to living in what he calls the “Tragic Kingdom” and life in one of the developing (Third World) nations. He speaks at some length describing the Magic Kingdom’s many blessings and conveniences that are available, things that we take for granted, and have come to “expect” because they have always been a part of our lives.

Stearns then turns his attention to the realities of the “Tragic Kingdom”. His list is real and tragic:

Shallow ponds and low lying areas was the only source of water for this village of 7,000 until they received their new well.

Shallow ponds and low lying areas was the only source of water for this village of 7,000 until they received their new well.

  • One billion are chronically short of food.
  • Two billion children under weight.
  • 783 million have no access to clean water at all.
  • Add to this the plight of wars, refugees, and 18 million orphaned children.

He then asked the question, “Are you feeling the heaviness yet? I am not done”.     

  • One third of the world lives on less than $2 per day.
  •  Three quarters live on less than $10 a day.

He closes this comparison of the kingdoms with this paragraph. “And, finally, the most terrible statistic of all: “nineteen thousand children under the age of five die every single day of largely preventable causes simply because they are poor. That’s almost 8 million children every year, one every four seconds. This is something God sees every moment of every day. Is this what you see”?

Two different kinds of poverty. One with opportunity one without.

Two different kinds of poverty. One with opportunity one without.

Most of us here in the US cannot wrap our minds around such statistics. A young man made a comment on our Hope Springs Facebook site recently. He said, “Quit sending all that money over there to help those people when we have so many that need help right here!” His comment struck a raw nerve and my first reaction was anger. But as I reflected on what he said I realized that that is the normal response of so many who have been raised all their lives in the “Magic Kingdom”. The worst conditions they have seen in the “Magic Kingdom” would be a dream come true for many who live daily in the “Tragic Kingdom.”

As 2013 draws to a close all of us at Hope Springs are so thankful for each of you who have seen what we see and made a decision to help us bring lasting change to the lives of so many people. Here is what your gifts have made possible in just this year alone.

  • The Jordan Health Center addition will be under roof in the next month.
  • We conservatively estimate that over 10,000 men, women and children have been treated at JHC.
  • 700+ children are now enrolled in Primary Grades 1-4 in a school without a permanent building, staffed by volunteer teachers, that has just been rated “Best in the Region”.
  • By the end of November over 140,000 people will have access to clean water in Gombe State, Nigeria.

God’s blessings have been so evident and we are excited about His leading into the future. We will be sharing some wonderful new challenges for 2014 and beyond in the coming weeks. We hope you will not only continue the journey with us, but will help us spread the word!

Why not partner with us for lasting change…one village at a time. Donate Here

Gathering for classes

Gathering for classes

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“More grease to your elbow.”

Treating a long line of patients happens daily at the Jordan Health Center

Treating a long line of patients happens daily at the Jordan Health Center

“More grease to your elbow”, is a Nigerian expression of encouragement for someone to continue the good work that they are doing. They tell me that if you are British you will better understand this expression. Well we want to wish Eloi Madjiadouim, more grease to your elbow.

Eloi is the Director of the Jordan Health Center in Dono-Manga,

Eloi Madjiadoum, JHC Director

Eloi Madjiadoum, JHC Director

Chad. His medical training would make him a close equivalent to a Nurse Practitioner here in the US. Since he joined our work over two years ago he has treated thousands of patients of all ages, the vast majority have been children. Only God knows how many lives have been saved because they received care from Eloi.

Eloi lives a number of miles from the Health Center and makes this journey back and forth by bicycle every day. On occasions he will make an emergency visit to someone in distress in a village some distance from the Center. There are no paved roads, just paths through the marsh grass. Eloi is not as young as he used to be and working very long days, sometimes seeing hundreds of patients in a day’s time is very exhausting in and of itself.

This is a used bike. $650.00

This is a used bike. $650.00

A couple months ago Eloi made a request for a motor bike. We would like to honor his request. There are a couple ways we can do that.

First, maybe someone has a small bike similar to the ones pictured in this article that is in good shape and running well they would like to donate. If we receive the bike before November 15th we will be able to include it in the crate containing our well drilling machine scheduled to leave for Chad shortly after the 15th.

Or you may donate funds to purchase a new or used bike. The pictures in this article are

This a new bike. $900.00

This a new bike. $900.00

typical of new and used bikes that can be purchased in Chad.

This will be such a special gift for a very special servant who shows the love of Christ to hurting people almost every day of his life.

Thanks in advance for considering this need! If you have a bike to donate contact me by email: leehodges45 @ gmail.com (no spaces), or you may donate funds to purchase a bike online at www.hopespringsint.com or by mail: Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075.

Let’s “give more grease” to Eloi’s elbow!