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Director of Operation to be honored with second Turbaning Ceremony

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Turbaning Ceremony Invitation

Turbaning Ceremony Invitation

Rambi Ayala, our Director of Operations, is about to be honored with his second Turbaning Ceremony. This is an Islamic special ceremony that recognizes the honoree for his special achievements and accomplishments on behalf of the community. Two of the wells recently drilled were for Muslim villages.

His Highness, Alhajl She hu Mohammed Atiku will officiate. His Highness is the Clerk of Gombe State House of Assembly, The District Head of Gadawo-Akko Emirate, Gombe State.

As you can see from the invitation pictured here other dignitaries will also be in attendance.

During the ceremony a red cap is the placed on the head of the honoree and serves as a placeholder for the turban. White cloth is wrapped around the cap to shape the turban on the persons head. Special speeches are giving by the distinguished guests. A reception will follow with food and special dancing for entertainment.

We deeply appreciate the special recognition given to our Director of Operations Rambi Ayala for his service to these communities.

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