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I want to tell you about Michael

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slide-1-728Michael believed that one person could make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

Michael had been exposed to the need for potable water through the web. He began to search for organizations that were working to bring clean water to people in developing nations. He narrowed his search to two or three organizations. Hope Springs International was one of those organizations. Early in 2012 we met, talked and soon Michael said, “I want to work with Hope Springs and raise money to dig wells”. He set a goal and was off and running.

Michael began to promote his cause through his Facebook site. He talked to his friends and family, and before long we began to receive donations. Many of those donations were from Michael personally.

Now fast forward to August 2013. Over the last week or so you have read and

A new well is born!

A new well is born!

seen pictures of our well drilling in the village of Posishi Mongoro in Gombe State, Nigeria. On September 10th. we hit water and a new well was born. Michael’s efforts made this well possible.

Poshishi Mongoro was first established in 1953. For the last 60 years the only sources of water for this village were ponds they shared with their animals. Ponds subject to animal waste and ground water run off during the rainy season. Death and disease was just a way of life. Like most places without access to potable water half of the children never lived to their fifth birthday and others dealt constantly with other types of diseases. For the people that survived this village was their whole world. Many of these people have only heard stories of wells, but never expected to have one.

PM villageIn the backstory to this well I told you about Samuel. Every day’s adventure for Samuel was to put his Jerry cans on his donkey and ride in search of water. I hope you will go back and read that story. You see when you hear stories about thousands of people and their need for water it is often hard to relate, but when you see the personal story of lives that are changed, well it becomes real.

I hope one day Michael and Samuel can meet. But even if they don’t I can assure you; there will be a time of celebration in heaven for what God can do through just one person.

How about you? Think God might be able to use you to change thousands of lives or another Samuel? Got an idea? Need some assistance? We would love to help you fulfill your dream!



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