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Doubling the Blessing

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???????????????????????????????Have you ever ordered yourself a meal and then found out you got a free dessert? How about receiving a gift you expected and then upon opening it discovered that the giver packed a little something else just to surprise you? It’s a wonderful feeling to be blessed more than you believed.

Hope Spring International is sending a blessing down to Dono-Manga, Chad in the form of a portable well drilling machine and a generator. This alone is more than a blessing to the people so desperate for clean water, but we have a chance to double that blessing in a unique way. Isn’t it wonderful when we see an opportunity that allows us to show the love, generosity and understanding of a people of Christ from across the ocean?

A shipping container containing this portable well drilling machine and generator will be on its way soon, but there is plenty of room left in this container for more blessings.

New rig has been tested and ready to ship!

New rig has been tested and ready to ship!

The school children in Dono-Manga, Chad are learning English and what if they were standing by the adults unpacking this equipment and saw loads of Children’s books, writing tablets, chalk, pens, pencils and other school supplies? How big do you think those children’s smiles would be to receive gifts?

Although this is easily accomplished by single contributions, Hope Springs International would like to issue a challenge to double the blessing to our communities, schools, churches and other groups who feel led to help us fill the empty spaces of the container with gifts of love.

Just a part of the 600+ kids in our school in Dono-Manga

Just a part of the 600+ kids in our school in Dono-Manga

Will you accept this challenge of a double blessing opportunity?

Meet with your groups and issue our call to action and let’s see if together we can fill these empty spaces and leave no room. If you would like to collect funds to apply to the purchase of these items, checks can be made to “Hope Springs International” and add “Double the Blessing” to the “For” line, then mail to 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075. You may also visit our website to donate through PayPal.: www.hopespringsint.com. You do not have to have a PayPal account to donate and will be given the opportunity to specify how you would like us to apply your donation. All donations will be used for the purpose you designate.

Our “double the blessing” list is as follows and needs to be collected by March 22, 2013:

  • French New Testaments ($1 each or a case of 48 for $50)
  • Children’s Books in English (new or used)
  • School Supplies (chalk, pen, pencils, writing tablets, etc.)

Collected supplies may be mailed to our address above. If you live in the greater Nashville area we will make arrangements to pick up your donations if the size is too large to ship. Call 615.390.2134 for more information.

by Alycia Neighbors

by Alycia Neighbors

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