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Director of Operations for Africa visits Dono-Manga


Left to Right: Rambi Ayala, Madam Tekomtie, Yangar, Dr Yangar, Pierre Rimorbe

Earlier this week Rambi Ayala, our Director of Operations for Africa, arrived safely in Dono-Manga for an extended stay. After a difficult journey lasting four days with vehicle breakdowns and numerous security checks Rambi was met by Pierre Rimorbe our representative in Dono-Manga at the border between Cameroon and Chad. They traveled to Ndjamena the Capitol of Chad for a meeting with Pierre’s Cousin Dr. Miandjingar Yangar who works with the Federal Ministry of Health in Ndjamena. Dr. Yangar is originally from Dono-Manga. Rambi shared this report about their meeting.

“We were warmly received by Dr. Yangar and his family and treated graciously. I shared the mission and vision of Hope Springs with him this morning, telling what we have done, what we are presently doing and our intentions in the future. I further requested that he partner with us given the fact that he hails from Dono-Manga. He was very elated and happy to learn about all that Hope Springs is doing. On his last visit to DM he saw for himself the transformation that is taking place due to Hope Springs’ involvement there. He offered to pursue with vigor the registration of Hope Springs with the government, ensuring that when the drilling rig/medical equipment in the crate being shipped arrives it will be cleared duty free. He also offered to be a part of any coordinated medical team that will henceforth be visiting, and to help in any way possible as needs arise.”

Rambi and Pierre traveled to Dono-Manga the following day and arrived safely late that evening.

We continue to be so thankful for the way God continues to bless this ministry. Dr. Yangar’s eager backing of our efforts will open many doors important to the future of our efforts not only in Dono-Manga, but as we expand throughout Southern Chad.

One other blessing from this trip is our new 3G internet connection in Dono-Manga. Dono-Manga is an extremely remote area located 60 miles off the nearest paved road. The closest internet café is over 100 miles away. But thanks to new technology we now have a 3G phone modem and Rambi is able to send daily reports and pictures of his activities. So stay tuned for more reports from Rambi’s visit to Dono-Manga.

2 thoughts on “Director of Operations for Africa visits Dono-Manga

  1. Hi Lee, that is great news coming from Dono-Manga. The structures being put up now are essential step and most needful, thanks to your determination and sacrifices. That is Christianity in action: both life and soul saving!
    We shall stay tuned for progress reports, and a possible role when the need arise. Kudos and God bless.
    Uche Eni

  2. Great to hear from you Dr. Eni. The foundation upon which we are building was made possible by the sacrifices you and the brethren in Nigeria made some years ago when you made that first mission trip in response to the SOS. God continues to bless that beginning. God bless!

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