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December 2012 Newsletter Insert

We at Hope Springs are so grateful for those who support this ministry. Over the last four years we can conservatively say that thousands of lives have been saved because of new and repaired wells, and the availability of medical care through our Jordan Health Center. At the same time the message of Jesus is being preached and many are coming to Christ. We praise God for His blessings to this ministry through you.

There is still time to make this a very special Christmas in Dono-Manga, Chad. Many of the items on the last blog post are still needed. Why not check it out, pick and item and change a life. Giving is easy. Click on http://www.hopespringsint.com then click the donate button and follow the easy directions at PayPal. You may specify what you wish you donation is to be applied to and you have our guarantee that what you give will go to that need and that need only!

Christmas card 2

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