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“70 year old grandmother cares for 12 children in a one room hut.”


“Another minister just received a request for assistance from a widow that has just inherited 6 children due to the death of their parents.” These are just two of the stories Pierre Rimorbe shared in his recent report from Dono-Manga, Chad.

Our recently completed orphanage presently houses 41 orphans, but Pierre shares that there are over 100 orphans in the Dono-Manga District. AIDS, a long war with neighboring nations, malnutrition, cholera and other untreated diseases have caused the present crisis of children who roam the streets looking for a hand out to make it another day.

When parents die other family members try to help, but they have so little for their own families they often turn them away. Others, like the 70 year old grandmother mentioned above, try to stretch what little they have and in the process place their own lives at risk.

Children without parents in Dono-Manga are more vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation. Children of parents who have died of AIDS are often considered outcasts and not

Meal time

allowed to play with other children. Losing your parents is often compounded by the loss of the child’s birthright to their parent’s property. The end result is they become “street children”, begging for their very existence. Many young girls turn to prostitution to survive.

Money came in quickly to build our orphanage, but finding sponsorship for our 41 orphans has been much more of a challenge. Presently we have seven ladies who signed up to sponsor or help sponsor one of our children. (I have nick named them the “Magnificent Seven’). Their monthly donations have been used to feed all 41 children three small meals per day. These funds have recently been stretched to include 15 additional orphans who sleep outside the orphanage and receive one meal per day. These 15 ask to be allowed to stay not just for the food, but for an opportunity to attend the school whose temporary classrooms are on the orphanage grounds.

Children in front of completed Orphanage

We have such a tremendous opportunity to be Jesus to these kids. James, the half-brother of Jesus who knew Him so well said, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James 1:27 NLT.

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, asked a sobering question in his book, “The Hole in our Gospel”. “Does God have different levels of compassion for children based on their geographic location, their nationality, their race-or their parents’ income level? Does He forget their pain because He is preoccupied with other things? Does He turn the offending page to read the sports section or is His heart broken because each child is precious to Him? Every one of these children is His child – not somebody else’s.”

Each of these children has a name, a personality, and each is known and loved by God. We are committed to helping these 62 children. Their names are listed below. You may fully sponsor a child for $100 per month or partial sponsorship for $35 per month. All funds donated until we have full sponsorship for all children will be used to feed and clothe all the children to the extent that funds allow.

Are there places in our world with greater need? I am sure there are, but not many. Are there places easier to reach places to meet people’s need? I am confident there are. But you see this is a need that we have seen with our own eyes and that has touched our hearts. We have seen their tears, their smiles and that look of hopelessness in their eyes. We held these children and we told them we would find a way to help. Will you join us? Donations may be mailed to HSI, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075 or you may donate at our Website through PayPal: www.hopespringsint.com.

4 thoughts on ““70 year old grandmother cares for 12 children in a one room hut.”

  1. Hi I am nominating you for the inspiring blog award, Because I love what you are doing here. You are making a difference and that is what I would love to one day. If I ever have enough money, I would take care of hungry and abused children and animals, and the environment .http://blogdeliciously.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/inspiring-blogger-award-2/

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