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Another opportunity to drill wells for only $1,000.00 each!

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The World Bank Program we were a part of last year enabled us to drill 35 deep water wells in Chad for only $1,000.00 each. The going rate at that time was over $6,000.00.

In the fall of 2010 we traveled to Nigeria to make arrangements to move our base of operation to Gombe, State.  Three tribal chiefs during that visit offered us land to establish an agricultural training farm much like the one we had in Maiduguri, Borno State. So far we have not accepted any of these gracious offers due to the lack of funding and the demands of our work in Chad.

Rambi Ayala our Director of Operations for Africa now based in Gombe State recently shared an opportunity that will allow us to move forward in making a good faith gesture to one of these tribal chiefs. In his district there are three villages that desperately need a well.

S/N Name of Village Approximate Population Distance to Water Source
1. Kwibwa 1850 18km
2. Latoddo 2000 15km
3. Amtawalam 2200 22km

The villagers have to travel from 10 to 14 miles by foot to the nearest water source.  As you can imagine this is a great hardship on children and their entire family. They are limited to growing crops during the rainy season and suffer during the dry season for lack of food. With a well the children in these villages could attend school instead of spending the day going for water.  Villagers could learn the skills of dry season farming and grow crops all year long.

So here is the opportunity. The Gombe State Government has agreed to subsidize all cost for the wells above $1,000.00 in all three of these villages. That is like getting three wells for half the price of just one!

We plan to have our own well drilling operation here in the future, but for now this is a wonderful opportunity to relieve the suffering and hardship of thousands of people.

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