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Rambi reports, “New School Is Bursting At The Seams With 375 Students”

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Sebastien, a recent graduate of the Jos School of Biblical Studies, returned home to Dono-Manga with a dream to establishing a school. Sebastien, a school teacher himself, realized the great importance of educating the next generation. What began as a small group of students meeting under a tree has now grown into a school of over 375 children and they turn away students every day.

In his report about the school Rambi said, “The school has been witnessing tremendous progress in spite of the challenges of lack of classrooms and instructional materials. Sebastien now works with four other staff and a security guard who ensures that the children do not loiter about during school hours. Enrollment is now 375 children, which is all they can handle without a permanent school building and more teachers.  The school provides bilingual education (French-English) which is not commonly found except in big cities like Ndjamena and it is also the only school in the State of Terr. We were entertained with English renditions by the school children, who are now doing very well. Djimrangar Fidel, Allasigneingar Tibngar, Adoumbaye Felix and Djimhitebaye Bruno are some of the children in our orphanage that I spoke to. They are so happy that they can now read and write, they are always looking forward to being in school. Maybe because we were there with a medical doctor, each of the children dreams of becoming a doctor someday. When I asked why, Bruno said,  “So that they can find a cure for HIV/AIDS.

”Sebastien told me that on a recent visit by the officials of the ministry of health, the school was given a high rating and recommends that a block of classrooms be constructed. In the meantime the community people assisted in putting up grass houses which serve as classrooms.

”The teachers are being given a meager allowance of about 20 dollars a month. One of the teachers Djimrabaye Pierre told me that they see what they are doing as service to God, a sacrifice to humanity. Djimrabaye continued, “It will be their joy to see that these children grow up to become something in society.”

This is one of the classrooms.

The Bible is a daily part of the education that each student receives. We have an unprecedented opportunity to provide this next generation with the Gospel of Christ as a part of their education. I cannot tell you in words how important this school will be for the Kingdom of God in this part of the world. We are waiting on cost estimates for a new school building that will enable us to teach 500 children. This new building will also serve as housing for future medical and evangelist campaigns. We will keep you posted on future developments.

Our kids love going to school.

Our kids are eager to learn.

Lining up for classes.

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