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Thousands Are Enjoying Clean Water from 35 New Wells

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The recent visit to Dono-Manga, Chad by our Director of Operations, Rambi Ayala and our Medical Adviser, Dr. Uche Eni, afforded them the opportunity to visit some of the 35 new wells that were completed in October of last year. Here is Rambi’s report in his own words describing the response of the people to the new wells.

“We were overwhelmed by the response of people in the communities that were benefiting from the wells provided by Hope Springs

Dr. Eni drinking water from one of the new wells.

International. One of the community leaders, Doumtol Haroun, captured the mood of the people in the following words. ‘It is only God that can repay you for touching our lives with your project. Today we can see water very easily and our community is now the center of attraction. Our neighbors now come here to fetch water, our women no longer travel far to get not just water, but very clean water. We thank you very much.’”

Rambi continues, “In Gundari village it was the same expression of gratitude. Otodje Frederic was in tears of joy to show his gratitude for the water that they now have in their village. The people of Terr were also excited, and they could not hide their joy. “

As Americans we have what seems like a never ending supply of water for every purpose under the sun. In Dono-Manga one man expressed, “I never expected to have the opportunity to drink water from a well.” He had heard of it, but never thought he would ever see or drink water from one

One of the 35 new wells was drilled just a few feet away from our orphanage. Rambi said, “The well at the Orphanage not only provides water for the orphans and the school, but people who live close by are now benefiting from it also.”

Since Hope Springs International came to Dono-Manga in 2009, 26 out-of-service wells have been repaired and 35 new wells have been drilled. The District Manager for Dono-Manga has trained a repairman who works with a committee from each village to oversee maintenance and repair of the wells to assure that they will continue to serve these communities for many years to come.


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