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Health Center Is Open Again…With A New Name.


Mothers With Small Children receiving Mosquito Nets

In January we told you how our supply line for medications for our Health Center had been cut off with the closing of Nigerian borders in an effort to curb terrorist activities there. (Click here and here for more information.) We began immediately to raise funds for a new supply of medications and began preparing to send our Director of Operations Rambi Ayala and our Medical Advisor Dr. U. Eni to Chad to find a local suppler for our needs.

We are excited to announce that the Health Center is fully registered with the Chadian government and a wholesale supply line for medications has been established. Our Health Center has become such an important part of our work in Dono-Manga. On average our nurse will see 1000 people each month.

At the time of the formal registration of the center it was given the new name Jordan Health Center. Rambi explains why the name Jordan was chosen. “The name submitted to the Chadian government on the official paper work is the Jordan Health Center. This is because of the significant role the center is playing in Dono-Manga. It is seen as the river Jordan of the Bible where Naaman received healing. It has become like a healing stream to the people of Dono-Manga and the surrounding villages.”

Dr. Eni’s report on the mission included a request for expanding our present building, adding additional staff and security personnel, and the addition of new equipment including refrigerated storage for medications that we cannot presently provide. We are now awaiting cost estimates and will share this exciting expansion with you soon.

From left to right. Dr. Eni, Martin and our nurse.

While there are hundreds of stories that could be told about the value of the Jordan Health Center Martin Ramadinga (pictured on the left) story is a true testimony to how humanitarian aid and the message of the Gospel work hand in hand. Martin was near death when 5 members of his family heard of the Jordan Health Center. They carried him 20 miles because he could not walk. Today he is alive and well. What is even more exciting is that he and those who brought him are all Christians excited about sharing Christ with others. Without the Jordan Health Center Martin would have died. Without the Jordan Health Center Martin would have died without Christ.

We praise God for those of you who help to make this mission possible through your prayers and financial support. There is much more great news to come from this mission trip so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Health Center Is Open Again…With A New Name.

  1. Praise God….may we who have share more!

  2. Wow – we take so much for granted. Thanks for sharing what God is doing through this ministry.

  3. PRAISING our Lord with a capital P. This is wondermus news. I’m so thankful for Dr. Eni and Rambi, their love of their people and more importantly their love of God:-) I’m looking forward to hearing of the amazing things that will happen in that lil village of Dono-Mango:-)

  4. Wow, I am getting antsy, waiting to hear the judges results on the grant. It may be sometime this week. Ok, I am a mature Christian lady and I am going to practice self-control and be patient. Meantime, pray l
    ike crazy!!!!!!!

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