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Rambi Ayala’s New Appointment

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We have some exciting news to share. Our Director of Operations for Africa, Rambi Ayala, was just appointed to serve on a nine member Board of Trustees for the Churches of Christ in Nigeria. These board members act as the legal representatives for Churches of Christ in all matters dealing with their registration as a religious group with the Nigerian Government.  While we are not aware of any exact figures we know there are hundreds of Churches of Christs with a membership in excess of 150,000 to 200,000.

Rambi joined Hope Springs International as Director of Operations for Africa in January 2011. In addition to representing Hope Springs in Nigeria he has made numerous trips to Dono-Manga, Chad helping to coordinate our work there. We are excited for the prospects of what his leadership will mean to the Board of Trustees for the Churches of Christ in Nigeria.

Pictured with Rambi is his wife Asabi. Rambi  have been blessed with four children.

One thought on “Rambi Ayala’s New Appointment

  1. To say that I was excited when Bro. Rambi told us at COC Tunganmaje about the progress the Church is making in Chad is certainly an understatement. Bro. Rambi was instrumental to planting this congregation in 2010. His visit was like an Angelic one. May God continue to promote His work using such vesels like Bro. Rambi Ayala. By the way, he gave me this online address.

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