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Melissa You Are A Blessing!

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Our first annual benefit concert is now history. I want to give a special thank you to Melissa Lancaster for all she did to make this a great concert. From the first time I mentioned the possibility of a concert Melissa was onboard. While we were just excited that Durant was going to be on the program, Melissa would later speak to the talented George Pendergrass, former lead singer for Acappella, and he would be added to the schedule.

Melissa had also arranged for Messiah’s Men to be on the program as well. When a sibling of four brothers in this group passed away suddenly and the group had to cancel, Melissa contacted Vocal Union and they graciously agreed to come in their place. In the end it was one of the best concerts I have ever attended.

I have told a number of people that Melissa Lancaster has more talent in her little finger than most musicians I know. But more important to me than her talent is her desire to use those talents to encourage others and to further the cause of the Kingdom of God here on earth. As I said in a blog article on the 11th, SOMETIMES “THANK YOU” IS NOT ENOUGH

Melissa, you are a blessing!

(All photos are courtesy of and used by permission from Shelia Yates/Two Sisters Photography)








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