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Yesterday (12.10.11) was a very emotional day for me. We have been looking forward to our benefit concert for a number of weeks. Set up began at 10:00am and continued until almost concert time. Pickup loads of equipment were loaded, unloaded and set up. Cords were run from here to there and technical language was used that was foreign to me, and then it was done.

What followed was a wonderful concert performed by some very talented people. Phil Barnes, our emcee for the evening introduced George Pendergrass who open our program with his crystal clear voice. He was followed by the multi- talented Melissa Lancaster and Durant. Vocal Union brought the program to a close by doing what they do best, showing the power of the human voice in blended harmonies. Their last song was a tribute to the group’s founder Gary Miller whose booming bass voice now sings with the choirs of heaven in the presence of the Lord.

I then watch it all being packed away and taken back to Madison Church to get set up for worship this morning. Many of those who made this concert such a success would not get into bed until early this morning.

Yesterday was a very emotional day for me because everything I just described was done by volunteers donating their time and talent because they believe in the work that Hope Springs International is doing to save lives and share the message of Christ with those who have never heard. Although I said “Thank You” at least a hundred times yesterday, for me it was not enough. So I just ask Father to bless each of you who worked so hard to make this concert a reality.  I am also grateful to those who took the time during a busy season of the year to attend. I want you to know that each of you is a personal blessing to me and to the thousands of people who will benefit from your gifts of time, talent and money.


  1. Last night was awesome! So thankful I was able to be there! What a blessing, and thank YOU for all your work with Hope Springs Ministry!! God is using you in a mighty way!!

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