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Praise God for Those Who Sponsor Our Kids In Dono-Manga, Chad

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I know when it comes to sponsoring a child thousands of miles away across an ocean there are those who question, “Is it really worth it?” There are many great organizations out there and I can’t speak for them, but I know firsthand the value of child sponsorship in our orphanage in Dono-Manga, Chad. I have held some of them in my arms and I have looked into the eyes of the rest. Months before our arrival in Dono-Manga back in the Fall of 2010 I had a group picture of these orphans on my screen saver. Every day for months I had looked into their eyes and wondered how we could make a difference in their lives. On the morning when we arrived in Dono-Manga the children began to gather and one by one I began to recognize the faces from my screen saver. They were real. They were orphans. They needed our help.

God used two families to provide the orphanage and farm compound that we had only dreamed about. So far seven Godly women have stepped up to sponsor seven of our 41 kids. Even though we still have a number of children who need sponsors I have seen the dramatic change in their faces. But the question we began with was, “Is it really worth it?”

While we can’t see the future there are many examples out there of the successes of programs like ours. Allow me to share one success story that may cause you to consider sponsoring one of our kids. This is a story that was shared at a Catalyst convention about someone helped by Compassion International.

You can sponsor one of our children for only $100.00 per month. Half sponsorship for only $50.00. Contact us at: hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com or by mail: Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075. Only God knows the value of your investment in a child.

One thought on “Praise God for Those Who Sponsor Our Kids In Dono-Manga, Chad

  1. god bless u

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