Hope Springs International

Lasting Change One Village at a Time

New Well for Our Orphan’s Home and Farm Compound


You can see the excitement on their faces. A place to live and now a well providing clean water for drinking and farm use. Thanks you for giving these kids hope and a future.

New pump being installed at Orphans Compound - Orphanage white building in background.











New wall completed around farm compound. Small building in front of Orphanage is the kitchen.











Their smiles speak volumes.

Children help with blocks for well wall.

2 thoughts on “New Well for Our Orphan’s Home and Farm Compound

  1. O God, may each of us in America remember that we are blest as much or more than all others on this earth….may we remember that we are commanded to take care of our neighbor…and our neighbor is anyone who is in need…may we be committed to eliminating poverty for as many as possible…may our hearts be moved by what moves the heart of God!….thank You Jesus, amen

  2. It’s just too exciting. I’ve watched lots of villagers when they finally get a new well in their village and never get tired of it. What we take for granted they rejoice in and give praises to our Father. I know we are thankful, but we are also forgetful and we just don’t say “Thank YOU!” enough.

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