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Hope Springs International Preparing To Launch “Adopt A Village” Program

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You Can bring lasting change  for a village

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the pictures and stories of need around the world. Compassion fatigue sets in, we feel helpless, and so we turn the page or change the channel. But even though we can’t change the whole world, we can do something. In the same way that many organizations offer the opportunity to sponsor a child, we will show you how to make lasting change for a village and hundreds of people.

We are talking about a short-term sponsorship that will provide the knowledge and tools to empower people and give them the ability to provide for themselves. Remember, we are about teaching people how to fish, not just giving them a fish.

When you adopt a village, we will guide you in doing for a village what Hope Springs is doing in our pilot program in Dono-Manga, Chad. The priorities are the same. First, you provide a well for clean drinking water, then emergency medical aid, followed by agricultural training in drip irrigation or dry season farming, followed by animal husbandry training.

With short-term assistance, you will empower a village to stand on its own. But more than this, you will put flesh on the Gospel that is being preached in this village. We have seen how powerful this combination can be in our work in Dono-Manga where people are coming to Christ because they have not only heard about Him, but they have seen Him in the lives of those who are caring for their needs.

The picture above is of 30 Chadian preachers from all over Chad that came together for a meeting recently in Dono-Manga. They each preach for a village with a small group of Christians already meeting. Showing the love of Christ through adopting one of these villages will put flesh on the spoken word and will lead many to Christ. Together we can begin to bring lasting change to a hurting world and expand the Kingdom one small village at a time.

The amount needed for a village will depend on its size and particular needs. We are working with the preachers pictured above in preparing a list of their villages and their particular needs. Let us know if you would like more information, and we will keep you posted on future developments. Drop us a note at: hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com

I can tell you from our experience in Dono-Manga, you will be blessed far beyond those receiving your assistance.

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