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A special time of thanksgiving and celebration is planned next week in Dono-Manga.  Rambi reports, “There is excitement everywhere in the villages where the wells are being drilled.  Some could not believe that this is happening in their life time because they have never dreamed or imagined they would ever be able to drink from a clean water source. They have continued to give gratitude to God and souls are being won to Christ. A very big time of thanksgiving is being organized for next week to show their appreciation to God for the various projects that are being carried out by Hope Springs and to celebrate the return of Lazarus and Sabasten who recently graduated from the Jos School of Biblical Studies and returned to join in the work.

Pierre said that many people from surrounding villages that have been studying with various ministers, who have expressed a desire to make Jesus their Lord, will be baptized on that day. It is going to be a carnival. Top government officials are also expected to attend.”

Great progress is being made in drilling the wells. With the new equipment now in service they plan to complete the remaining 8 of the 20 previously scheduled wells and the newly funded 15 wells by the end of June before the heavy rains begin in July.

Rambi also reported that great progress is being made toward the completion of the Orphanage Farm Compound. Eight men are working full-time on this project. The goal is to have everything completed by the end of June.

If you have not read a recap of all that has happened in Dono-Manga over the last 2+ years then be sure to read, TODAY HAS BEEN A DAY FILLED WITH REFLECTION AND PRAYERS OF THANKSGIVING

God is at work among His people to lift up Christ through the message preached accompanied by a compassionate touch. “And he (Jesus) went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people.” Matt. 4:23. This is our model as we reach out to a world that desperately needs the message of Christ.

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