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(Equipment to the left has now been replaced)

New well drilling equipment donated by The World Bank has now reached Dono-Manga! The timing could not be better. Two weeks ago the drilling came to a halt because of old and worn out equipment. With the old equipment it took 2 to 3 days to drill one well. With the new equipment they will be able to drill 3 wells a day. What a difference!

Here is the report received today from Rambi in his own words.

“Sir, work has fully resumed on our designated sites for the wells yesterday. Two rigs have been deployed, one of which is new with the
capacity to drill three wells a day. They have drilled an additional five so far including the one at the orphanage…The staff and equipment are stationed at Pierre’s house.

There is general excitement in the entire Dono-Manga over the arrival of the new rig. Here is how Pierre explained the excitement, “The World Bank Director instructed them to make their camp in front of my house. The government appreciates so much the work of Hope Springs in this country.”

They hope to complete the 20 wells paid for in two weeks, but they can do more if we can pay for it before they leave the area.”

We only have a few more weeks before the heavy rains slow drilling to a halt. We continue to be blessing to be able to drill wells for only $1,000 each. Each well provides water for about 2000 people. To date 26 wells have be repaired and brought back on line. In two weeks a total of 20 new wells will be completed. We need an additional 15 new wells to meet the total need of the 126,000 people of Dono-Manga.

Time is very short. Please help us spread the word about this wonderful opportunity to change thousands of lives and continue to open hearts with the message of Christ.

This is the only choice for water for those villages we have yet to reach with a new well.

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