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L to R: Amine, Sebasten, Lazarus, Pierre

In May of 2009 the infant churches in Dono-Manga sent two of their own to the Pompomari Farm in Maiduguri, Nigeria for a three month crash course in Drip Irrigation Farming and the English language to prepare them to enter the Jos School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria. Neither Lazarus nor Sebasten spoke a word of English, but in this three month period they learned enough to enter the Jos school for training. Two weeks ago both of these men graduated and have now returned to their home in Dono-Manga and will use their talents toexpand the work there.

Lazarus will oversee all activities related to our dispensary. He will also be responsible for teaching new Christians and sharing the message of Christ with all of those who visit the dispensary. Lazarus is well respected in the community because of his age and because he is a leading member of the council of elders in Dono-Manga.

Sebasten will manage a new primary school that he established upon his return that already has an enrollment of 325 children, 41 of which are our orphans. We have just learned that the government has already given approval for the school to begin classes and if well managed will be accredited up to secondary school level. Rambi said in his report, “the first time I met him (Sebasten) in Dono-Manga on my first trip there, we communicated through an interpreter, but today he not only speaks English but is in a position to teach it.” Pierre, Lazarus and two volunteer teachers will also teach classes at the school.

These exciting developments mean that the next generation will be able to speak English and we will be able to use the vast material resources available in English at some point in the future to continue their education.

We continue to stand in awe as God continues to build His Kingdom in this remote part of the nation of Chad. We can only imagine what this foundation will mean for the spreading of the message of Christ to those who have never heard of Him. Truly your prayers are being heard and your financial gifts are being used to make lasting change. We thank God for each of


  1. Progress, progress! Am adding Sebastian to my prayer list as he instructs the orphans.

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