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Dalvin Pirtle and Lee Hodges, President of Hope Springs International,  traveled to Phenix City, Alabama on Friday to visit with Hydra Fab Manufacturing Inc. They found a quality family owned company that has great equipment that they believe will increase our well drilling capacity in the nation of Chad and possibly other nations as well. Check out the video below. This is one of the portable trailer mounted rigs Hydra Fab manufactures and one of the varieties that is being considered by Hope Springs. Dalvin and Lee saw a demonstration of the tractor mounted 3 point hitch model during their visit yesterday. While these units are not suitable for drilling through very hard material like granite, they can handle limestone and other types of very hard material. Reaching and working in remote areas can now be done with out depending on very large and expensive types of equipment. These units are capable of drilling hundreds of wells and the few replacement parts needed from time to time are readily available from most anywhere. Hydra Fab has their units in operation in Africa and other countries throughout the world. These rigs are available for a fraction of the cost of the commercial truck mounted rigs that can cost as much as $250,000.

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