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March 2010 Medical Mission

The African nation of Chad has the third highest child mortality rate in the world. 209 of every 1000 live births will not reach the age of 5. [The USA rate is 7.8 per 1000] The majority of these deaths result from contaminated water, poor nutrition, poor hygiene and the lack of basic medications.

Hope Springs International first answered a plea for help from Christians in Dono-Manga, Chad in February of 2009. Over 600 people in this district of 126,000 had died within a three month period, most of them children. Since that time four campaigns have focused on two of the major causes of death; the lack of clean drinking water and immediate health needs.  Out of the 25 wells in Dono-Manga in February 2009 only 6 were working.  Through partner support 16 of these wells have been repaired and in the next few weeks 15 villages will receive new wells bringing the total to 37 functioning wells. In March of this year the first drip irrigation workshop was conducted and 40 people completed the program and crops are now growing.

Ebenezer holding a sick child

While we plan to schedule more drip irrigation workshops and plan to drill 30 more wells, there is one more pressing need, a clinic that will meet the basic health concerns of mothers and newborn infants.

Of the 3.5 million deaths from water related disease 43% are due to diarrhea and 90% of those deaths are children under the age of 5. Now that clean water is available learning simple hygiene practices and making available basic medications could save the lives of hundreds of children. The wife of Pierre Rimorbe, lead minister for the churches in this area, is a mid-wife and will work in the new clinic to counsel and dispense basic medications. Other minor illnesses will also be treated for people of all ages.

Presently there is only one very small hospital with the services of only one doctor and a few nurses to meet the needs of the 126,000 people in Dono-Manga. The vast majority of these people cannot afford the services of the Hospital. This results in many needless deaths for lack of just some basic information and medication. 

Each one of these children is loved by God

Will you help us provide this clinic? We can build the clinic; provide inventory and the equipment needed for only $3,000.00.

Questions? Contact us at rabboniblog@yahoo.com

Donation may be sent to Hope Springs International, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075

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