Hope Springs International

Lasting Change One Village at a Time

A Time Line of Hope Springs in Dono-Manga, Chad

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February 2009: S.O.S. received from struggling Christians in Dono-Manga, Chad. Hundreds are dying from waterborne diseases caused by the lack of clean drinking water.

May 2009: Nigerian Christians conduct a Medical Mission Campaign. Many receive medical attention and 19 are baptized into Christ.

November 2009: Medical Missions Campaign and Mission to repair out-of-service wells. 10 wells repaired and 14 baptized into Christ.

March 2010: Medical/Evangelist/Agricultural Training Campaign: Two Doctors treat hundreds, 20 trainees and 20 observers complete the dry season farming through drip irrigation training. 12 baptized into Christ.

April—May 2010: The final 6 out-of-services wells repaired and 15 villages receive a new well. This will mean that 31 broken or non-existent wells are now providing clean water for thousands of people.

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