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Fifteen New Wells and Five New Churches

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After delays beyond our control, Hope Springs Representative Ebenezer Udofia was able to leave April 12th for Dono-Manga, Chad, with donated funds in hand to schedule drilling of fifteen new wells and repair of the final six out-of-service wells. Ebenezer traveled through Cameroon to N’Djamena, the capitol city of Chad. He was met by Pierre Rimorbe, the Evangelist responsible for establishing the eight churches we have been working with over the past year. They made the long journey to Lai, a city in southern Chad, where the well drilling company is located. A meeting was held with the drilling company and the local bank. Arrangements were then completed to drill the fifteen new wells. The bank will hold all funds until they receive confirmation that the new wells have been completed. Arrangements were also made at the same time for the repair of the six out-of-service wells. A meeting was then scheduled to be held in Dono-Manga Sunday April 18th with drilling company officials and leaders from the fifteen villages where the new wells will be located.

Sunday meeting in Dono-Manga

Scheduled repairs on the six out-of-service wells were completed on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th.  On Sunday the 18th, all parties arrived at the Church’s assembly hall for the meeting as scheduled. Each of the village leaders was given the responsibility of appointing a seven-man committee to see to the maintenance and prevention of misuse of the well for their village. Officials from the drilling company will educate the committee concerning necessary maintenance and upkeep for their well at the time each is drilled. At the end of the meeting, village leaders, along with government officials, signed a written agreement to this effect. As soon as their present obligations are finished, the well drilling company will begin drilling in Dono-Manga. They anticipate being able to begin drilling by the end of April.

The village leaders attending the meeting unanimously expressed their appreciation to Hope Springs International and asked God to bless each of the donors who through their sacrifices are making these wells possible. One of the high points of this journey to Dono-Manga happened as the meeting closed and five of the village leaders made a request for someone to come and establish a church in their village.

Agreements signed for the protection and up keep of the new wells

Presently there are only two full-time evangelists serving the eight churches in Dono-Manga. There are two more men in school but they will not finish their education for another year or so. So after the meeting ended Ebenezer gathered the brethren together and they planned a two-week follow-up campaign that will be scheduled to coincide with the drilling operation. Experienced preachers from Nigeria will return with Ebenezer to work with the local brethren in the establishment of new churches and the training of the local Christians to work with new Christians as they are reached with the message of Christ. Please join with us in praying for God to provide for laborers for His harvest. The fields are indeed ready for harvest in Dono-Manga, Chad.

Similar situations like this must have happened in the first century as the Gospel spread so quickly all over the world. When the love of Christ is seen being lived out in the flesh, it causes a hunger in the hearts of men and women to want to know more.

A total of 16 out-of-service wells have now been repaired in Dono-Manga

Repairs underway

Many of these wells had not been used in years.

Your gifts to Hope Springs are really making a difference. Praise God for your open hearts.

One thought on “Fifteen New Wells and Five New Churches

  1. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good!
    Such wonderful plans for bodies and souls!

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