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Cat-fish being harvested.

A 750 gallon water tank formerly used to store water for our drip irrigation farm was recently turned into a catfish tank. With the addition of our solar powered well constructed in early 2008 we were able to make use of this ideal location to raise catfish from fingerlings to eating size. Water from this tank also adds to the cycle of life at the farm. Once a week 50% of the water is drained from the tank and used to water our crops. This water is a great source of fertilizer.Sis. Mary is harvesting.

Now that the fish are ready to be sold they are netted and taken to the market where eager consumers wait to purchase. Funds from the sale of the fish are reinvested into a new crop of fingerlings and the expenses of running the farm. As we are able to expand these kinds of enterprises we come nearer our goal of a totally self-sustaining farm operation. Self-sustainability will mean that we will be able to hold numerous drip irrigation and food preservation workshops, as well as how to raise small animal seminars, all without the need for continuous outside sponsorship. Our workshops are offered free of charge and participants are provided with the tools to immediately go home and begin to put into practice what they have learned.

Neighbors waiting to purchase fish.

Neighbors waiting to purchase fish.

Your gifts to Hope Springs enable us to teach people how to fish, not just give them a fish.

Exitements as the harvesting progressed.

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