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We have just received more current information concerning the deadly violence in Maiduguri, Nigeria from Joshua Hamman, minister of the Wulari Jerusalem Church of Christ. Joshua on behalf of the Shepherds of this great church has also issued an emergency appeal for assistance.

Joshua reports, “The violence that lasted for four days saw about twenty six church halls burnt down out of which six are in the same neighborhood with the Wulari Jerusalem Church hall and killing eighteen Christians inside the halls beside four Pastors with their properties. Those that escaped were left with nothing except with what they wore that time. Glory be to God because the Wulari Jerusalem C of C’s hall was spared.”

Members of this congregation, other Christian groups and some of their Muslim neighbors in the area lost everything. Joshua said, “Virtually everyone in the city was affected in the violence as the death figures as now announced by the Red Cross Society is about 800 while about 4000 people were displaced and hundreds hospitalized.”

In order to reach out to all groups that have been affected by this violence the Shepherds of W J C of C are requesting $5,000 to be used in the following ways:

1.$1,000 to meet the most critical needs of the members of the W J C of C. Two families lost their homes and all personal belongings, and one of the brothers was killed leaving behind those that were depending on him for their livelihood.

2. Another $2,000 will be used to help members of the other Christian groups in the immediate area who lost their homes and houses of worship.

3. $1,000 to assist Muslim neighbors who were also victims of this period of violence.

4. Joshua says the final $1,000 will be used, “Meeting the emergency needs of others whom have become orphans, widows as a result of the violence. (In the University of Maiduguri Teaching hospital, 70 victims are on admission while in the Borno Medical Clinic, about 50 were admitted).

We are blessed by this appeal to have the opportunity to become the healing hands of Jesus through our financial gifts to these people in distress and deep need. Any amount would be such a blessing. If you would like to help send your donation to: Hope Springs, Emergence Relief, 118 Wessington Place, Hendersonville, TN 37075. If you need additional information please call me at 615.390.2134, or email me at hopespringsinternational@yahoo.com.

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